Sara Rodriguez


My #metoo story: "I Can't Breathe"

Have you ever been so afraid of doing something that you almost didn’t do it? Maybe you were afraid of what people would think, or what they would say about something that took all your strength and courage to put out there.

That’s how I’ve been feeling about this project... except I’m not turning my back on it. At this point, I can’t. I’m afraid but doing it anyway, following the lead of The Silence Breakers and adding my voice to the multitudes that have been demanding change, because a culture so complicit with sexual violence is simply not okay.

Remember the Brock Turner case? The former Stanford student who raped an unconscious young woman and then weaseled his way out of an already lenient sentence because it was ruled that the jail time would have a “severe impact” on his future?

Well, here’s my response—to that case and to every case in which the victim is virtually ignored, to every case that never even becomes a case because victims are repeatedly shown that they should doubt themselves into a deep, isolating, debilitating silence:

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